Fabulous scents for the home: Praline Caramel Sticky Bun candle by Cheerful Giver

So far in the Single Housewife parade of home fragrances, I have steered far away from traditionally “homey” scents.

Step into my confessional, housewifey friends: My mother sold Home Interiors products for a few years of my teenhood, and I was scarred for life by candles that smelled of pie and warm vanilla and mid-80s cinnamon potpourri. To this day, I can’t stand the smell of pie. True story.

That’s why I am shocking even myself with this final recommendation: the overpoweringly awesome Praline Caramel Sticky Buns candle from A Cheerful Giver.

It smells like what it sounds like: Warm, gooey, finger-licking delicious sticky buns. You can smell the nuts and the caramel and just a hint of cinnamon, and if you don’t have some kinda baked goods on hand, you’re gonna be mighty disappointed.

This scent is definitely more on the homey/feminine side. It’s sweet and cloying and sticky. It’s not fresh or clean, as are all the other scents I’ve mentioned previously. But it’s decadently delicious, and for me, it’s a guilty pleasure.

A 22 oz., 125-hour “Mama Jar” costs $20, and a 34 oz, 155-hour “Papa Jar” costs $24. How cute is that size nomenclature, eh? Spring for the Papa Jar and the extra 30 hours of “oh my god, my house smells so good I could eat the walls.”

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The Single Housewife makes recommendations based on her own experience as a consumer and out of her own enthusiasm for the product. She is not compensated in any way: no money, no coupons, no freebies, no links, no nothin’.

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