A DIY Easter morning table full of surprise & delight

This table setting isn’t complicated, but it delivers some delightful surprises — colorful eggs snuggled in paper nests, filled with and surrounded by delicious candies.

It’s not the blow-out orgy of low-grade chocolate in the typical Easter basket, but this pop of color on the breakfast table will bring a little grown-up indulgence for you and your guest(s). I highly recommend making an egg-filled apple-and-bread pudding and letting it rest in the fridge overnight. It’ll easily slide into the oven in the morning, leaving your hands free to set the table and get your Easter on, whatever that may mean in your household.

STEP ONE: Have some hollowed-out, dyed eggshells filled with candy and ready to go. These can be done several weeks in advance, depending on how many you’ll want to make.

STEP TWO: Get yourself some shredded paper in any colors you like. Grab a small clump of the paper shreds and throw ‘em in a small bowl. Using your hands, make an indentation in the center of the paper, then turn the bowl and tuck the shreds in around your hand, making a nest shape. This might remind you a bit of shaping pottery:

Scoop the paper nest out onto a small plate. I have accrued a diverse assortment of thrift store plates that seem to work well for Easter; lucky me. You could also use basic white stoneware, your nice china, whatever you prefer.

Repeat until you have one nest per guest at your Easter table.

STEP THREE: Insert your candy-filled eggshells (here’s a thorough DIY for that bit) or any other candies you like in the paper nests you’ve just made. Mini robin’s eggs work particularly well here, and so do metallic-wrapped eggs or other candies.

STEP FOUR: Okie dokie, the nests are done! Now all you have to do is put the little nest-laden plates on top of dinner plates, round up some coffee cups, and get your napkin situation under control. I prefer cloth napkins, not because I’m fancy, but because it means I never have to remember to buy disposable napkins.

It’s gettin’ cute up in here!

STEP FIVE: We’ve got a lot going on, but it would be nice to have a centerpiece, as well. I put some pretty little tulips in a footed bowl. I’ve also got a tiered tray with more eggs nestled into Easter grass. You can make use of any old thing you’ve got lying around that looks cheery and Eastery. I’m also a big, big fan of the whole Easter tree concept.

When your table’s set and your bread pudding (or whatever treat you’ve concocted) is ready, call in the troops for breakfast and — gasp! — their beautiful and tasty surprise.

And yeah, I did take an inordinate amount of time over the weekend to decorate a fictional Easter table for two. I’m still sick, and I had bupkis to do on Sunday afternoon. I’m actually planning a whole friends-and-lamb-and-sunshine lunch on Easter Sunday, though, and I’m pretty sure my guests will be seeing something a lot like this on my table.

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